Catherine Garbarczyk

Catherine Garbarczyk

jazz, modern, stretching

Kasia began taking her first dance steps at the age of 5 in the Luz Siedlce team under the guidance of Joanna Woszczynska. Together with the team, she became a multiple medalist at Polish, European and World Championships, dancing in formations, mini-formations and duets in the prestigious IDO (International Dance Organisation) federation. In addition, she has also presented herself on the theater stage under the banner of Luz Alternative Dance Theater. She appeared in such performances as: "Our Class in the People's Republic of Poland," "Children of the Uprising 44"-a leading role in 2019/20, "Polish DNA, history painted with dance"-a leading solo role, "Glass"-both dancer and choreographer's assistant, "Where Are You Eve?" and "Rockowisko." She has also collaborated with Bartosz Woszczynski on performances such as "Journey" and "Hush, hush, hustle."

He has been working on his craft for many years attending lessons from both recognized Polish and foreign choreographers.


Kasia is an experienced instructor who has made it her main goal to instill a love of modern dance in children.

During her classes, she distinguishes herself by her individual approach to young dancers, as she believes that a well-developed foundation is the key to success, and the level of the classes is tailored to their physical abilities. The atmosphere in her classes allows children to develop their creativity, while showing them what joy can be derived from dancing.