0. When do classes start?

Information on when the group starts or if it has already started can be found in the current schedule.

Have you chosen the group you want to join? Great! Now register in the Dancer's Zone or email us at master@masterdance.academy so we can notify you of the scheduled class start date.

1. where are the classes held?

Currently, classes are held in ballet and sports halls:


a) WBS - the Willy Brandt Polish-German School for Meeting and Dialogue at 3 Ledóchowska Street, 02-972 Warsaw Wilanów, near the Temple of Providence (in the schedule as WBS).


b) PLATINUM Hotel, 12 Ledóchowska Street, 02-972 Warsaw Wilanów.


Remember to make sure where your classes are held!

2. can I take individual classes?

Of course! The cost of single classes is PLN 50 for 60 minutes or PLN 70 for 90 minutes.

Every Dancer who comes to us for the first time is invited to a free demonstration lesson.

In order to participate in the demonstration lesson, you need to apply by email to master@masterdance.academy. In response you will receive all logistical information.

3. how long are the classes and how often do they take place?

Most classes last 60 minutes. Some groups have classes once a week, while others train two or three times a week or more often.

It all depends on how intense you want to train. We will be happy to help you choose the best group. Give us a call or sign up for a demonstration lesson and talk to the Instructor after class!

4. can I sign up for classes if I have never danced before?

Yes, we have classes for beginners of all ages.

5 What does the monthly premium cover?

Payment of the membership fee in a given month entitles you to enter all classes assigned to a particular group until the end of that month. The monthly membership fee is 1/10 of the fee for a 10-month training cycle.

6. can I join the group during the month? Will my first premium be lower because of this?

Of course! It is possible to join the group at any time of the month and semester. If you join the group later than before the first classes of the month (especially in the second part of the month), please contact the Academy to determine the amount of the first month's premium. Your first month's premium will be prorated, depending on the number of classes remaining in the month.

In the second and subsequent months, the premium is the same and according to the price list, regardless of the length of the month or the number of classes per month, within the selected group.

7. are there family discounts?

The family discount is 5% for the second and 10% for the third additional child. The discount is available to the Participant paying the lower membership fee. Remember that late payments are not eligible for discounts.

8. are classes organized under a sanitary regime during the pandemic period?

The health and safety of our dancers and trainers is our priority. For this reason, all our classes are held in accordance with the current guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.


9. can I join a tournament group?

Tournament groups are closed groups and can be accessed through:

  1. Recommendation of the group instructor and the Academy manager;
  2. Casting or audition - held periodically or individually at the request of the candidate. All questions will be answered by phone or email.

If you want to take your dance skills to the next level and go to competitions together with Master Team Kids or Master Team Junior, contact us as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you!

10. can I join an ONLINE class?

During the pandemic period, all our classes are conducted in HYBRID form.

Eager dancers are welcome to come to the dance hall. Others are welcome to join the classes remotely through the ZOOM platform. Willingness to participate in the remote classes must be reported to us by 10:00 pm at the latest on the day before these classes by email to master@masterdance.academy . In response, you will receive a link to a dedicated room and an access password.

Hybrid classes are a great solution for people who prefer to stay at home during this difficult period, as well as for people who have been sent to quarantine or isolation for various reasons.

11. can a fellow member of another team or a non-dancer go to camp with me?

Sure! 🙂 If you are of different ages or levels, you may not be practicing in the same group at all your dance classes.

11. how do I prepare for class?

We advise you to appear at the venue at least 15 minutes before the start of the class. Attire should be athletic, casual and not restricting movement. Even if the instructor doesn't require it, it's a good idea to warm up before the class starts. This way you will best prepare your body for training, avoid injury and get the most out of the class!

13. what to bring with you to class?

Bring a training outfit (ballet and acrobatics - a tight costume that allows the instructor to observe your body work), dance shoes or socks appropriate to the style of dance, and a closed and signed water bottle.

14 How do I sign up for classes?

Registration for the course can be done by contacting the Academy - in person, by phone, through the form on our website or by email at master@masterdance.academy.

15. are parents allowed to attend?

Parents are invited to shows, semester and end-of-year concerts. By arrangement with the group's instructor, especially in the case of young children, parents may be given permission to participate in a portion of the class.

16 Can I attend a workshop or camp if I am not a Master Dance Academy student?

Of course, our workshops and camps are open to anyone who is interested, you don't have to be a student of the Academy.

17. How do I schedule a one-on-one lesson?

To schedule a lesson, contact the Academy by phone or email.

Person responsible for the schedule of individual lessons: Dominika Stróżewska, phone: 693 855 130.