I. Love dance. Enjoy training and participating in competitions and shows.


II. Treat other competitors with respect. Don't judge people according to their place in the competition. Admire the work put into other dancers' achievements.


III. Master Dance Academy is our dance family and all of us in it relate to each other with respect. Remember that in group chorography everyone is equally important. Be grateful for the work put in by each teammate. Only by working together as a whole group do you achieve more successes.


IV. Try to be an example for younger colleagues and offer them your help when you can.


V. Respect your body - it is your instrument for dancing. Take care of your health. Report any ailments to your parents and instructor.


VI. Your trainer wants the best for you and demands more and more from you because he cares about your development. Give him respect and be grateful for the time, attention and commitment he puts into your training.


VII. Perseverance, consistency and diligence are among the most important qualities of a future Master. Without them, no talent would see the light of day.


VIII. Appreciate yourself for the effort and effort you put into your daily training. Continuous development is much more important than your score at a given competition.


IX. Remember that independent work at home is as important as work in the dance hall. The true measure of mastery is how hard you try when no one is looking.


X. Show gratitude to your parents and loved ones for their continuous support, including financially. Remember that it is thanks to them that you can pursue your passion.


XI. Trust the judge's knowledge and respect his decisions.


XII. Respect the audience through meticulous preparation for the performance, aesthetic appearance on stage, as well as cultural behavior before and after the performance.


XIII. Spread the knowledge and passion of others for dance through your activity.