Dominika Stróżewska

Dominika Stróżewska

Tournament teams, jazz, ballet, Vice President of UKS Board of Directors
master dance instructors

Dominika is an educator endowed with a great passion for teaching children, teenagers and adults. She received her professional training in contemporary dance and dance pedagogy at Anton Bruckner Private Universitat in Linz, Austria, and Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Cologne (10.2016- 02.2017).


Dominika began her dance education at the age of 5 at the Jutrzenka group in her hometown of Skwierzyna. For the next few years she danced at the Remix Dance Studio, to then move to Siedlce, where she trained her dance craft with the Caro Dance team, under the guidance of Iwona Maria Orzełowska and outstanding Polish and international choreographers. Together with Caro Dance, she has repeatedly represented Poland and won medals at IDO Federation European and World Championships in solo, mini-formation and formation in show dance and modern dance categories.


Since 2010, she has performed as a dancer in numerous performances on stages throughout Europe (including Guest artist at Landestheater Linz (2015-2016); dancer choreographed by Matthew Tusa, Jakub Mędrzycki-"We are", Iwona Orzełowska-"Carmen", "Scent of a Woman", Thierry Verger-"Delta 12", Repertoire at A. Bruckner Private University (2014-2017); with Regina van Berkel, Evangelos Poulinas, Dorota Łęcka, among others).


Dominika has extensive experience as a theater choreographer (Preprostost Simplicity performa&platform 31.08-4.09. 2016 Maribor, Zimska plesna sola, 25.02.2016 Maribor, Solo "An aimless series of words and fragments of thoughts", Choreography "inter (space)" with Maya Lamovsek). With her choreographies she is invited to international festivals.


As a teacher and choreographer of jazz and contemporary dance, she has worked with groups such as Caro Dance Poland, Калининградская ЛигаТанцев (Kaliningrad Dancing League), Remix Dance Studio Poland, Gravity Sports Club and others, where she prepared dancers and choreographed for Polish, European and World championships in the IDO (International Dance Organization) federation.


As a participant or dance fixture, Dominika has participated in television programs such as Got to Dance, I've Got Talent, and What's the Melody.


In dance, the quality of performance is of utmost importance to her, so during her classes she focuses on developing impeccable technique, the ability to improvise and find her own expression and quality of movement. Among her students, she is known for her unparalleled knowledge of anatomy in dance and her attention to the health of her dancers.