Natalia Jóźwiak

Natalia Jóźwiak

ballet for children, teenagers and adults

Natalia's professional path began at the National Ballet School in Warsaw. Natalia studied jazz, contemporary dance and ballet at Caro Dance Company for several years. Together with the Caro Dance Company, she participated in competitions of national, European and world rank of the PFT and IDO federations, repeatedly winning the titles of Polish Champion, European Champion and World Champion in the categories of jazz dance, modern dance and show dance. After graduating from high school, she began her studies at the School of Choreography in Paris (now ACTS / Ecole de danse contemporaine de Paris), to which she was admitted as the only Polish girl for the 2014/2015 season. She trained and gained experience at Kibbutz - Ga'aton in Israel, DiA Junior Company in the Netherlands, and in 2017 she received an IUGTE scholarship and completed Movement Director training in Austria. After returning to Poland, she took up a job at Caro Dance Theater, where she danced as a soloist in many performances in Poland, France, Italy, Ukraine and playing the title role of Juliet in the performance " Romeo and Juliet " in a Polish-Korean production, co-created with the Meeting of Cultures Center in Lublin and Seoul Dance Company and presented in Poland and South Korea (Seoul ). As a dancer, for 4 years she has also been associated with the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic , where she dances in performances such as " Carmen", "Doctor Zhivago" "Revenge of the Bat" , "Phantom of the Opera" , "The Gypsy Baron" and is the choreographer of projects such as " Singing Streets of the World" , " Someone is buzzing us here" , among others. " New Year's Eve at the Opera", "Darling, They're Playing Our Song" and several others in collaboration with Sebastian Piotrowicz.

Last year, Natalia and Sebastian, as a choreographic duo, also created, among other things, the author's project " Warsaw Triptych" and choreography for the Gala "Mozart Night" at the Warsaw Chamber Opera. Natalia also cooperates as a dancer with the Warsaw Chamber Opera in the performance "Maria de Buenos Aires" and "The Nutcracker".

Natalia started working as a dance instructor in 2013. Natalia worked with dancers of master groups in jazz, ballet, contemporary dance techniques with such teams as Caro Dance ( Siedlce ) , Musical Theatre Tintilo (Warsaw ) , Hand to Hand (Warsaw ) , Vulcan (Piastow ) , Danceworld by Agnieszka Kaczorowska ( Warsaw ) and Feniks Dance Studio ( Białystok ). Currently, she regularly cooperates with the following teams: Master Dance Academy ( Warsaw ) , Antidotum ( Czestochowa ) , Non-public Ballet School in Bielsko - Biala , Cubana ( Bielsko - Biala ) , Liga Tancev ( Kaliningrad ) , Soul Dance ( Debica ) , Spin (Rumia) , Lublin Center for Dance Initiatives , Dance4you (Zywiec ) , Born to Dance ( Warsaw ) . In her classes she tries to pass on experience and knowledge gained in Poland and abroad in a fun atmosphere , while focusing on the development of young dancers . She takes an individual approach to each student, and during classes, in addition to dance techniques, I attach great importance to building awareness, soft skills, stimulating creativity and sensitivity, artistic expression and - due to her musical education - musicianship and rhythmics.

Natalia is currently a student at the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, studying Cultural Studies - Creative Producer and Cultural Manager.