Kinga Adamczyk

Kinga Adamczyk

ballet for toddlers, mix dance, jazz

Kinga has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She started her dance adventure with ballet, modern dance, disco dance and latino solo at Kabaty Dance Studio, Loocas Dance Center and Trybuś Dance. Currently, the styles in which she excels are jazz, modern and classical dance. From an early age, she has regularly competed in World Artistic Dance Federation and International Dance Organization competitions as a soloist and member of groups and formations.

She has been with Master Dance Academy since 2019, where she teaches dance classes for children and trains and represents the Club and Master Team Adult at local, national and international competitions, winning numerous medals and awards.


Kinga specializes in conducting classical ballet dance classes for toddlers, as well as mix dance and jazz with children up to the age of 12. During her classes, she focuses on imparting a passion for dance, as well as attention to the technique of performing the various elements.


Kinga has also been working with CHRIS Tourism and Recreation for several years, co-creating dance and general development camps for children and teenagers.